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This Screen is used to manage the creation of your Medication Administration Record sheets. Select a patient and assign the times for giving all of the medication on their list. The name of the drug and frequency is visible from this form to guide the input of the number of time you would give the medication. Once a medication time is assigned it is saved for future renditions of the M.A.R. The Month can be changed to display which one this M.A.R. is for. Note there are two tab options for assigning times they talk to one another but the difference is there are Eve Shift times in the 8 hour shift version. In another screen your institutions actual shift times can be assigned as well.


If all of your medication times are set and saved, the month is updated for a patient the MAR button at the top near the save button can be pressed and a brand new MAR will be generated as an excel file which can be interacted with electronically or simply printed for the hard copy record.

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